Stacy Adams Men’s Slippers: Men’s Gift under $50

Men's Slippers Stacy Adams

Hey it’s winter again, time to load up on the wood for the fireplace, get the old wool robe out of storage and slip on some comfy slippers for those cold winter nights.  Alright, let’s be honest, most of us have gas fire places if we even have one, the wool robe is itchy, plus we prefer lounge pants and we don’t even own slippers. And if the latter is the case, you may be missing out. It really is nice slipping into a comfortable pair of slippers when lounging around the house, or office if you are lucky to work in a loose work environment, or even Wal-Mart if you just don’t give a shit. They’re easy to get your foot in and out of, and they keep you nice and warm.

I ran into these Stacy Adams Men’s Scoundrel Slippers that  are perfect for keeping your feet nice and warm with the added bonus of showing off your classiness and style to family, friends and fellow shoppers at Wal-Mart.

$45 at Stacy Adams by taking 10% off,  using coupon code LNK10

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