Shiner Hand Carry Leather Bag

The Shiner by Bexar

Sometime simpler is better. The Shiner Hand Carry by Bexar Goods Co. fits that bill. It has the simple design of the Porter Satchel, but designed to be carried by hand.

The bag itself is durable, tough and stout, which makes it perfect to take on the bus, train, plane or just throwing it in the passenger seat. The rougher it’s handled, the better, as these high end leather products age well (think the softness and look of a real old leather chair.)

It’s good for many uses. You can use it for any outdoor adventure, commuter bag of course, or even as a gym bag. But it’s stylish and refined enough to bring into the office, or any business setting.

According to Bexar, “The Shiner is constructed of thick English bridle leather, sewn by hand with thick waxed thread, more specifically using the time honored saddle stitching method, and riveted with industrial grade solid copper rivets.”

If you have the means, but all means I would check out this bag if you’re in the market for one.

About Bexar Goods Co.

BEXAR Goods Co. is a small team of leather craftsmen based out of Bexar County, TX, the heart of Texas where the use of leather in outdoor activity is the norm. According to their website they gather influence not only from Texas but their “vision and inspiration are drawn from cultures¬† around the world.”

$570 – Buy directly from Bexar


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