The Laser Guided Pool Cue

laser guided pool cue e1347829935562 The Laser Guided Pool Cue

This Laser Guided Pool Cue would come in handy for those of you who have really bad english, such as myself. However, I could pool cue being helpful to even the best pool players out there.

The pool cue is regulation-sized and weight. And the red laser shoots from a small hole in the tip of the cue.

Beer Flight Carrier Rack

beer flight Beer Flight Carrier Rack

Micro brewing has become a serious business in the USA. With so many beer types and flavors available it’s nice to go to a beer tasting once in a while to find your favorites. Plus it’s easier on the wallet than downing pints of beer that you don’t like at the bar.

Now you can host your own beer tasting parties with your friends by getting this awesome beer flight. Just pour a different beer in each pint and let your friends decide what they like for themselves. Just don’t forget oyster crackers to cleanse the pallet in between each beer. Well, ok, that’s optional,

$24.90 – Buy here

Vintage Trucker Teamster Caps

vintage trucker hat e1348069013458 Vintage Trucker Teamster Caps

These aren’t reproduced caps from China. No, these are authentic trucker caps from the 1970’s, otherwise known as the style decade. These babies were worn by teamsters when disco was in and the mob still ruled the unions. Hell, a warning on the website warns of sweat stains.

The trucker hats are available, in orange, green, or blue. Each have “Beer Bottler 1187″ embroidered on the front panel, with white mesh in the back.

Buy here – $14.99

Steel Fan Coffee Table

steel fan table e1347912627809 Steel Fan Coffee Table

Here’s a coffee table to go with your industrial pipe shelf.  This major work of industrial design by James DeWulf  is made of  eight 3/8″ steel plates, arranged at two different heights that fan out from a octagonal concrete center.

According to the website, it is not recommended for people with children. Go figure. I would add; nor for people who are clumsy, or have drunken friends over on a regular basis.

$1999.99 – Buy here (This is, and they require you to sign up with an email address. I normally wouldn’t refer someone to a membership site, but they do have some cool stuff.)

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