Introducing the BMW 328 Hommage Concept

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of their 328 sports vehicle, BMW has bestowed upon the world the BMW 328 Hommage. The 328 was one the most successful and best-looking sports car of the 1930s. Fast forward to today and the new BMW 328 Hommage merges new (BMW Vision Connected Drive) with old (kidney-style grille, taped…

Gray “Artist” Tee

Say it loud and proud painters, poets, musicians and wannabees. Find it at

The Shot Flask

Hey you’re older now, so start drinking in a more sophisticated way. No more passing around the communal flask at the football game with your buddies. Instead, start passing around your flask with a built in shot glass and add a little classiness to your outing. $25.00 at Uncommon Goods

Whiskey Balls of Steel

Who needs ice when you have balls of steel. These metal balls keep your whiskey cool, and won’t dilute the drink, all while helping with a good cause.  That’s because 15% of your purchase directly to testicular cancer research. $24.99 at Balls of Steel by Original BOS

Jackalope Tee

Stio is an outdoor gear company based out of Jackson Hole, WY. They are fairly new, but have an awesome product line that’s both stylish and durable, and they have some pretty good prices. One of my favorite t-shirts is the Jackalope, which I actually thought existed when I was a kid. Yep, I was…

The Rolex Submariner

Back in the old days, somewhere around 1998, a co-worker of mine at the time starting wearing a Rolex watch, a gift from his CPA wife. At the time I shook my head at him and asked why spend so much money on a Rolex, when you can own a cheaper watch like a Timex…

NOVO Watch Review

The folks at NOVO Watch, a cool watch company out of Canada, were kind enough to send me one of their watches to review. I can say it’s one of the better watches I’ve reviewed over the years. My first impression was it’s weight. This felt like a real men’s watch. I’ve never owned a…

Shiner Hand Carry Leather Bag

Sometime simpler is better. The Shiner Hand Carry by Bexar Goods Co. fits that bill. It has the simple design of the Porter Satchel, but designed to be carried by hand. The bag itself is durable, tough and stout, which makes it perfect to take on the bus, train, plane or just throwing it in…

Purchasing Your First Rolex Watch Model

When it comes to time pieces, there are many that can compare to the quality, beauty and just plain cool of Rolex watches. These watches are known for their particular and distinct look that makes them stand out. The distinct look is aimed at exuding class and elegance and it does exactly that! Rolex is a…

A Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Try as you might there is no way you can get the flavor and chewiness of a wood fired pizza in a gas or electric oven. The reason is that you have to have about 600 to 800 degrees of heat to create the effect. As you know most ovens only go to 500 degrees….