Shoto Washed Boots

Shoto Washed Boots are created using traditional Italian craftsmanship techniques. These lace up leather shoes feature a leather sole, ton-sur-ton laces and the middle of the shoe is doubled with two leather strings, creating a “double layer effect.”

Fisherman Sandals are Trendy

Men’s Fisherman Sandals are hot right now when relaxing or working. They were worn with business suits in several Spring/Summer collections in Paris and London. I don’t think my boss would let me get away with it. Photo and Story Via


Suede Wingtip Brogues in Blue

A little blue brings some jazz to your outfit. These low-heeled shoes look great with dark jeans. Via

Barcelona Casual Shoes

The Barcelona is a nice water-resistant lace-up SFC Mighty Grip outsole. Perfect for work or play, as it’s really very comfy to wear. This shoe is Italian designed. It’s also on on sale right now

4th of July Fashion

With the 4th of July celebrations upcoming for the United States, time is running out to get some patriotic clothing. These USA stocks fit the ticket nicely.


Blue and Cream Colored Knit Tie

Cream jacket, striped blue shirt and knit tie. A nice combination for summer. Found on Tie a Tie

Coach Crossbody Messenger Bag

I love looking on Ebay for affordable clothing and accessories. I’m pretty conservative with how much I spend on clothing, so I find this gives me more bang for the buck. Today I found this vintage Coach brown leather crossbody men’s messenger bag. I haven’t pulled the trigger on bidding on it yet, but I’m…