A Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Try as you might there is no way you can get the flavor and chewiness of a wood fired pizza in a gas or electric oven. The reason is that you have to have about 600 to 800 degrees of heat to create the effect. As you know most ovens only go to 500 degrees.

Rocketfish Bluetooth iPad Speakers

After much urging I bought the wife an iPad about a year ago. “Why an iPad?”, I said. We have the laptop, iphone, TV, books, etc. But alas, I got an iPad, gently used, on eBay. Fast forward a year and she still uses her iPhone more than she uses the iPad. Mucho more. But

Press Coffee Maker

I’ve grown up drinking coffee from drip coffee makers, from home to whatever coffee shop is nearby. I really didn’t even think coffee could be made any other way. I mean, I heard of coffee presses, but I never considered buying or using one. That was until, while on vacation, last year. The waiter brought


QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk is for those who would rather read the time in letters than numbers. Actually it’s a very cool watch. I love twists on the old. And this twist will certainly get attention from people around you. The time is displayed in letters such “half past nine” in various places on

Great gift under $30 – Tripod Stand for iPhone

I’m using my iPhone to take photos and movies more than my regular camera to take photos and videos these days. It’s just easier since I always have the phone with me. So that is why I think the Glif is by far one of the coolest accessories for the iPhone I have seen. Not

Beard Conditioner Holiday Edition

Most guys know that after you shave you either need a good skin conditioner or an after shave to sooth the skin. But when a man decides to get manly and grow a beard, an unpleasant itch can often develop. You will find yourself scratching and itching when you should be enjoying not having to

Stacy Adams Men’s Slippers: Men’s Gift under $50

Hey it’s winter again, time to load up on the wood for the fireplace, get the old wool robe out of storage and slip on some comfy slippers for those cold winter nights.  Alright, let’s be honest, most of us have gas fire places if we even have one, the wool robe is itchy, plus

Imperial Puzzle Rug

Puzzle your guests with this cool rug.  Designed by Nauris Kalinauskas, each set contains 10 pieces that can be arranged any way you like. Much better than slapping down the usual area rug from Wal-Mart. Each piece is 15.7 “W x 17.7 “L, so to cover a 10′ X 3.5′ area  you’ll need 4 boxes. Each box


Indio Music App

I received an email from Brandon at Skloo Mobile about a pretty cool indie music app for iPhone called INDIO which will soon be available in the App Store. Since we’re all for helping the indie artist we want to pass on the good work Skloo Mobile is doing to help these artists reach a

The Laser Guided Pool Cue

This Laser Guided Pool Cue would come in handy for those of you who have really bad english, such as myself. However, I could pool cue being helpful to even the best pool players out there. The pool cue is regulation-sized and weight. And the red laser shoots from a small hole in the tip