Barcelona Casual Shoes

The Barcelona is a nice water-resistant lace-up SFC Mighty Grip outsole. Perfect for work or play, as it’s really very comfy to wear. This shoe is Italian designed. It’s also on sale right now.

4th of July Fashion

With the 4th of July celebrations upcoming for the United States, time is running out to get some patriotic clothing. These USA stocks fit the ticket nicely.


Blue and Cream Colored Knit Tie

Cream jacket, striped blue shirt and knit tie. A nice combination for summer. Found on Tie a Tie

Coach Crossbody Messenger Bag

I love looking on Ebay for affordable clothing and accessories. I’m pretty conservative with how much I spend on clothing, so I find this gives me more bang for the buck. Today I found this vintage Coach brown leather crossbody men’s messenger bag. I haven’t pulled the trigger on bidding on it yet, but I’m…

Lilly Pulitzer Mens Tie

Vintage Lily Pulitzer Men’s Tie in blue and pink.

Grey Suede/Chocolate Saddle by Walkover

Popular saddle shoes go great with horse riding or just looking stylish. These are simple but sophisticated, and are a personal fave as they go with almost anything. There are a lot more styles over at Walkover. Check ‘em out

Plaid Shorts from Banana Republic

Plaid cotton shorts from Banana Republic. They are also 30% off right now with code BRDERBY. zv7qrnb

Volkswagen Hovercraft Design

Ok, VW will probably never make this, but it’s cool just the same. 21-year old Chinese industrial designer, Yuhan Zhang built this Volkswagen hovercraft concept based on today’s Volkswagen design. He upped the enviro-friendly hovercraft with hydrogen fuel cell and rear fans that control thrust over any landscape it comes into contact.

Nike ‘Sweet Classic’ Sneaker for Men

These are the sneakers I wore when I was a kid, when my mom finally broke down and bought me a pair. To her they were overpriced extravagance, but to me they were a must have. ALL the cool kids were wearing them, and I looked out of place in my ROOS. These babies will…

Introducing the BMW 328 Hommage Concept

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of their 328 sports vehicle, BMW has bestowed upon the world the BMW 328 Hommage. The 328 was one the most successful and best-looking sports car of the 1930s. Fast forward to today and the new BMW 328 Hommage merges new (BMW Vision Connected Drive) with old (kidney-style grille, taped…