The Badge by NOVO is a Cool and Unique Watch

The Badge by Novo

NOVO makes some very interesting watches, which I’ve covered before on this blog. They really have a knack on breaking the common watch mold.

Take their new watch, The Badge. It’s design is simple, and there is beauty in it’s minimalism. Nothing fancy or gaudy. Nothing is making the watch look crowded with a bunch of functions. Just a very nice looking timepiece that happens to very tough. I myself like the white watch face with the black band, but the other colors are striking as well.

The way it tells times is best told by the video I’ve embedded below. It’s doesn’t use the conventional hour and minute hands, but it is easily readable just the same.

The Badge is a Kickstarter project, so if you’re interested in contributing head over to their Kickstarter page.

Wahoo TICKR X Lightweight Activity Tracker


This one is for the person who can’t afford to wearing anything that is going to slow down their workout. The Wahoo TICKR X is a light weight activity tracker that can work with or without a phone. And it’s specifically designed for the hardcore crossfit, swimmer and/or runner.

The TICKR X is super light. When you want to use the TICKR X in device-free mode, you can capture a lot of useful information, including heart rate, calorie burn, workout duration, for 16 hours before it runs out of it’s charge. You can then auto sync your workout to your phone.

The TRICKR also includes something called Running Smoothness. A built in accelerometer is used to measure your running form, including ground contact time and vertical Oscillation. When added to Wahoo’s Running Smoothness algorithm, it gives a 360 degree view of your running form. All of this is to improve your performance over time, ie. fat burning, run faster, run better.

The heart rate monitor features the ability to mark points to review after the workout. A double tap will sends a signal to the TICKR X to vibrate when the marker has been made.

$99.99 and is available now.

Photos of the First Generation BMW M3

Yellow BMW-M3 Coupe
Yellow BMW-M3 Coupe

Yellow ’92 BMW M3

I’ve always been impressed by the BMW brand, especially having owned one for several years. I would say that one of my favorites is the BMW M3. Even the older models have kept their cool image. And although I like them all, I have an infinity for the M3’s made between 1986 and 1991. These were the first generation cars.



The M3 was based on the 1986 E30 3-Series, and was first introduced with a 2.3 L S14 engine, derived from .the M10 inline-4 block and the valve train and head architecture from BMWs M1 and later M6 inline-6 cylinder. The E30 is notable for it’s racing pedigree. The first version produced 195hp.

1988 BMW M3 Cabrio


and here’s a Hot Wheels version…

92 BMW M3 Hot Wheels

Hot Wheel

Read more about the M3 at the BMW M3 – Wiki

Keep on the Go Longer with Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

Yeti Solar Charger

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator comes in handy when camping, during power outages or whenever you’re not around a power source, and you need to charge your phone, laptop or tablet. Basically anything that is USB, 12V and AC powered.

The Yeti can be charged in three different ways. You can recharge from a wall, which takes about 6 hours, or you can change from your car, which takes about 8 hours. However if your in the woods and your Yeti has lost it’s charge, never fear, you can plug it into a solar panel and it will charge in about 13-26 hours.

I feel that the Yeti may be a little heavy for any kind of backpacking/hiking, especially if you’re by yourself. However, This would be a great piece of equipment if you have a camper or to put it your car for emergencies. It’s probably going to be a little too heavy to pack in a suitcase as well. Also use a Nomad 27 for solar charging, or at least something close to 30 watts.

Buy for $160.00

Build You Own Small Moonshine Still

small copper still

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the booze hound in your life, who also has a knack for DIY projects? Buy them a small one gallon copper moonshine kit from Clawhammer Supply. Soon you and your friend will be sipping moonshine, getting tanked out of your gourds.

What Clawhammer does is ship you all of the supplies you need for your own small still. You have to put it together. This will include some muscle, plus a few items from your favorite hardware store, including a thermometer, a good hammer for pounding rivets and a plumbing torch or a very large electric soldering iron.

Once this is done you can start making your own hooch with help of their online videos. Happy bootlegging!

$149.00 at Amazon

Save Your iPhone from a Watery Disaster with this Waterproof Case

waterproof iseries ipod case

If your the type of person who spends time outside, especially around water, you’ve probably had the experience of dropping a phone or other electronic item in the water. Just this past weekend a relative told me that is exactly what happened to her. One iPhone ruined. However is she were using the iSeries iPod®/iPhone® 4 case, she wouldn’t be using an old cell phone previously used my her mother.

The iSeries features an integrated 4-pole headphone jack. Plus you can use the camera, and access music controls. And every case is individually tested to meet IPX7 standard of withstanding submersion in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Plus it works fine for all iPhone generations, including iPhone 5.

I found it cheapest at Essential Apparel

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