NOVO Watch Review



The folks at NOVO Watch, a cool watch company out of Canada, were kind enough to send me one of their watches to review. I can say it’s one of the better watches I’ve reviewed over the years.

My first impression was it’s weight. This felt like a real men’s watch. I’ve never owned a watch that was quite as heavy as this, but if you’re used to wearing something flimsy and cheap, you’ll soon appreciate this watch’s  extreme durability. As a matter of fact the NOVO watches are made for outdoor activities. It’s water proof and water resistant to 30 meters. And I have a hard time believing this watch will break in any activity you might be participating in.

The watch I reviewed, the ABSOLUTE, is an awesome looking watch as well. It’s silver with a black watch face and red minute and hour hands. It’s simple design was also very attractive to me. And as an added feature, the logo on the watch face spins as well, 24/7, making it a cool little feature. This is definitely a watch that will stand out in the crowd.

The MAYHEM in Silver/Black

The MAYHEM in Silver/Black

The only problem, which isn’t really a problem at all, is that wrist band didn’t fit my wrist (too big, which is way better than the opposite), but was easy to adjust myself. The pins came out easily. It’s pretty easy to do, but even easier with the NOVO watch. And any jeweler can do it for you in no time.

Overall, the NOVO watch I reviewed is strong, durable, and visually pleasing. Plus the price is great. A good quality watch like this is usually much more expensive than the $200 they are asking for it.

$160 to $240 – Buy directly from NOVO Watch


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