Indio Music App

indio-AppI received an email from Brandon at Skloo Mobile about a pretty cool indie music app for iPhone called INDIO which will soon be available in the App Store. Since we’re all for helping the indie artist we want to pass on the good work Skloo Mobile is doing to help these artists reach a larger audience.

Their new app NDIO is a mobile music platform that allows independent artists to connect with their fans and distribute music in real time. Fans can earn rewards and free content from their favorite artists simply by being good fans. They can create playlists, enjoy live video streaming and stay in the loop with live notifications. Indio also helps fans discover new music by recommending new artists  based on their friends who have similar taste.

The app also helps create deeper engagement between artist and audience. If you’re a musician, you receive in depth analytics on  which songs are popular and who is listening and how they interact.  Artists also have access to  powerful tools such as live video streaming/free real time distribution and rewarding fans with free/premium content.

Go to to get more information and sign up to be notified of the app launch.

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