Fritz Kola will Blow your Head Off


Fritz Kola is the vision of Friends Lorenz Hampl and Mirco Wolf Wiegert of Germany. They obviously weren’t catching enough of a buzz off standard sodas like Coke or Pepsi. So they started making their own. Naming it the classic German name Fritz, and putting their own faces on the label. As well as putting  25 mg of caffeine per 100 ml in each bottle. Making it the “most wide-awake” soda in the world.  Making their first batch in 2003, they were forced to store the first 170 cases in friend’s and relatives basements and garages. It wasn’t long before the Fritz Kola took off.

Today Fritz Kola is extremely popular in Europe . And it has recently started selling in the UK. Sorry my fellow Americans, but you can’t get it here yet. But hopefully soon.

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