beard conditioner for itchy beards

Beard Conditioner Holiday Edition

beard conditioner for itchy beards

Most guys know that after you shave you either need a good skin conditioner or an after shave to sooth the skin. But when a man decides to get manly and grow a beard, an unpleasant itch can often develop. You will find yourself scratching and itching when you should be enjoying not having to shave. A little trick is to use beard conditioner, especially when you first grow your beard.

So I found the Holiday Beard Conditioner from Beard Products on Etsy. It’s a limited holiday edition problem solver to your itchy dilemma. The beard conditioner has nice aromas of spruce needles and spice making it warm and refreshing. And not only does it treat your beard itch, but it will add softness and control and makes your facial hair stronger and thicker. It also makes a great men’s gift under $25!

$18.00 on Etsy

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