Wahoo TICKR X Lightweight Activity Tracker

This one is for the person who can’t afford to wearing anything that is going to slow down their workout. The Wahoo TICKR X is a light weight activity tracker that can work with or without a phone. And it’s specifically designed for the hardcore crossfit, swimmer and/or runner. The TICKR X is super light….


Sinkane “Mean Love”

Ahmed Gallab, also know as Sinkane, has put out of an album called “Mean Love”, that is currently on repeat in Spotify, on my phone and computer. The record is a modern mix of popish Reggae and funk. His higher register voice mixes well with his music. Ahmed has been a member of Brooklyn’s popular…

The MAYHEM in Silver/Black

5 Stylish Watches a Little Over and Under $100

Maybe you gave up on wearing a watch when you started carrying your mobile phone everywhere. I know I sure the hell did. Who needs to strap something to their wrist when the time and day is right on the device that you can’t live without. Of course the point of wearing a watch isn’t…

BMS Heritage Zhen Built Scooter is a Retro Dream

  Although it’s not a classic Vespa or Aprilla, the BMS Heritage Zhen Built Gas Scooter sure looks like one with it’s classic Italian look. The new 150cc BMS Heritage 150 Moped Scooter looks and drives nice with contemporary technology and design. I love the chrome engine cover and aluminum footboard. It even has polished rims. The…

Custom Louis Vuitton Honda Ruckus

The Honda Ruckus is rugged as far as scooters go. That’s probably one of the reasons that it is so popular. Plus it saves tons of gas of course. I love the styling of this bike. It’s on my list of “wants” over the next year. It’s very cool looking. A scooter shop called in…

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Will Blow Your Socks Off!

  Ok, maybe the Chevy Camaro isn’t your cup of tea. No matter, it’s high performing, race track ready cousin wants to blow you away. Like it’s early incarnations, the 2014 Camaro Z/28 is lightweight and powerful. The main selling point is the 7.0L (427 cid) V-8 motor, which was co-developed with Corvette Racing.  It…

Yellow BMW-M3 Coupe

Photos of the First Generation BMW M3

I’ve always been impressed by the BMW brand, especially having owned one for several years. I would say that one of my favorites is the BMW M3. Even the older models have kept their cool image. And although I like them all, I have an infinity for the M3’s made between 1986 and 1991. These…

Yeti Solar Charger

Keep on the Go Longer with Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator comes in handy when camping, during power outages or whenever you’re not around a power source, and you need to charge your phone, laptop or tablet. Basically anything that is USB, 12V and AC powered. The Yeti can be charged in three different ways. You can recharge from…

small copper still

Build You Own Small Moonshine Still

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the booze hound in your life, who also has a knack for DIY projects? Buy them a small one gallon copper moonshine kit from Clawhammer Supply. Soon you and your friend will be sipping moonshine, getting tanked out of your gourds. What Clawhammer does is ship you all…

Little Mountain T-Shirts

Cool T-Shirt Designs from Little Mountain

zv7qrnb Joe Horacek is the owner and operator of Little Mountain Print Shoppe, a print shop that produces high quality prints using traditional tools such as graphite, water color paints, charcoal, markers and various brush tip sizes, to create great looking shirts using simple illustrations and interesting typography. Check out his store here.